I’ve used Capitol City Carpet Cleaning for years. They’re fast, efficient and very professional. I like the fact that I can trust them to clean my carpets even when I am not home. My carpet always looks great after using Capitol City. They’re pet-friendly too!

– Mary N.

I have asked Capitol City Carpet Cleaning to clean my carpets several times in the past nine years. I have always been pleased with their punctuality, courtesy and good work

– V. M. Hutchinson

Capitol City Carpet Cleaning once again made my 20-year old carpeting look great. Their crew arrived on time, professionally cleaned 6 rooms and 2 staircases plus moved all the appropriate furniture.

– Ralph Cohen. A satisfied Customer for 15 years.

I absolutely love Capitol City Carpet Cleaning. I would never use anyone else. They have been cleaning my carpets for over 15 years and the carpets always look brand new afterward.

My latest experience was unbelievable. In my basement I had two huge problems: rust stains from a sofa, and ground in oil. I was hoping they could make it look better and give me some time to be able to replace the carpet. I went down to see what was occurring and couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything was gone. I didn’t know what to say except “Unbelievable!” They saved me from having to buy big new carpets. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends. Thank guys for a, as always, fantastic job!

– Bonnie McCann